Our Stakeholders

UPG P&C defines stakeholder as a person, group or organization that has interest or concern in the business of UPG P&C. Stakeholders can affect or be affected by the company’s actions, objectives, strategies and policies.

UPG P&C values the company’s stakeholders and carefully consider their expectations in the company’s decision makings. We classify our stakeholders as follows.


  1. Internal Stakeholders
    Shareholders, member companies of UPG Group of Companies,  business partners and employees


  2. External Stakeholders
    Dealers, CSDs, customers, suppliers, community, environment and the government

Stakeholder Engagements

UPG P&C interacts with the company’s stakeholders through a broad spectrum of ways as follows.


The company engages the shareholders in Annual General Meetings where all shareholders attend the event, receive their dividends and elect the members of the Board of Directors by voting. Other engagements are annual dinners, company anniversary ceremonies and correspondence throughout the year.

Subsidiaries of UPG Group of Companies

Regular and interim meetings with the member companies are held for the Group’s strategic decisions. The correspondence is throughout the year.

Business Partners

Regular and interim meetings are held for joint-business promotions and negotiations. The correspondence is throughout the year.


Employees can disclose their concerns through half-yearly employee evaluation programs, departmental meetings and suggestion boxes. The annual employee bonus scheme is linked to the achievement of employees’ individual and/ or departmental objectives and targets.

Dealers & CSDs

Dealers and CSDs are the company’s most valuable external resources. UPG P&C engages with the dealers and CSDs through regional meetings, marketing ceremonies, trade promotions, annual dinners, sales bonus giving ceremonies, customer feedback surveys, customer service, market visits, UPG Dealer Portal and CSR activities.


UPG P&C usually engages with the customers across the country through our regional centres, customer service, technical trainings, consumer promotions, sales visits, site visits, trade shows and UPG Rewards Program.


UPG P&C investigates the needs and wants of the neighboring communities and provides supports in accordance with the Company Policy and the CSR Commitments. Through the CSR programs, UPG P&C supports the communities with education facilities, health facilities and relief assistance when needed. UPG factories also employ large numbers of people from the neighboring communities.


To minimize the environmental impact of the company’s operation, UPG P&C practices ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS) and the Code of Conduct of Myanmar Responsible Care Council (MRCC). The company also manufactures a range of environmental friendly products. On almost every World Environmental Day, UPG P&C performs environmental activities with the corporate volunteers.


To build resilience into the company’s supply chain, UPG P&C fosters long-term relationships with the key suppliers. The company usually interacts with the suppliers through supplier visits, technical meetings, trainings, seminars and international trade shows.


UPG P&C engages with the government including local authorities through company reports, meetings and programs of the ministries, Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce & Industries (UMFCCI), Myanmar Industries Association (MIA), Myanmar Chemical Industries Association (MCIA), Industrial Zone Management Committees and the company’s CSR programs.