Our Core Values

The followings are our core values which will guide our decision-making processes in the implementation of the company policy.


Quality means the quality of our products and services. In our company, quality will be the foundation of everything. We will always strive for outstanding standard of quality.


Sustainability means responsibility for environment, our stakeholders and the society as a whole. Sustainability will be a part of our company policy, business strategy, and regular objectives & targets.


Creativity means both creativity and innovation of ideas. We recognize that the continual improvement needs new ideas. We will embrace new ideas, curiosity and change.


Prosperity means our growth. It also means the resources for our competitive advantage, and wellbeing of the company’s shareholders. We are working towards higher competitiveness and common growth of the company’s shareholders.

Product Responsibility Statement

As a leading paints & coatings manufacturer in Myanmar, UPG Paint & Coating Co., Ltd. produces and distributes a wide variety of paint products. The company management and all the line departments including Procurement, Research & Development, Production, Quality Assurance, Marketing & Sales have to stick to the company’s policies, procedures and work instructions directly or indirectly related to the product and service responsibility.


UPG P&C is one of the participants of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) and Myanmar Responsible Care Council (MRCC). The company has also been practicing the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System, and respecting the Consumer Protection Law of Myanmar (2019) and the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection 1999. Accordingly, all the company’s departments are responsible for the following issues, in terms of product responsibility.


  • Quality
  • Safety & Health
  • Environment
  • Legal Compliance
  • Consumer Rights

UPG P&C affirms that the company will continually develop the highest possible standards of the product quality, reduce safety, health & environmental impacts arising out of the products, comply with the Consumer Protection Law of Myanmar (2019),  and respect the consumer rights stated in the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection 1999.