Color Inspiration

1. Orange

Orange is the color of youth, radiating warmth, joy, and curiosity. Darker or richer shades of orange may evoke the feeling of fall. Additionally, orange increases oxygen supply to the brain and emotional strength during challenging times.


2. Pink

Pink is sweet, innocent, feminine and romantic. It represents caring, compassion and unconditional love. It is a positive color and can have a calming effect on our nerves.  Pink colors can also quietly take you back to your childhood memories.

PINK Colors

3. Yellow

Yellow is the happiest color, exuding cheerfulness and energy. In Myanmar, it symbolizes the mood of summer and harvest season, akin to the hues of of autumn leaves in Europe. Yellow is also linked with learning, imagination, and wisdom. It is the best color for children.


4. Green

Green is the color of nature, evoking images of monsoons, rainforests, meadows, and paddy fields. It is a calming hue that soothes the eyes and instills a sense of relaxation. Green brings balance and harmony to emotions and foster a love for natural environment, as well as for family and friends.

GREEN Colors

5. Grey

Grey is quiet and reserved, representing solidity, stability, and conventionality. As an unemotional color, grey has a calming effect and serves as a stabilizing force when paired with other colors. However, an excess of grey can evoke feeling of loneliness, so it’s best to mix grey with other hues to maintain balance.

GREY Colors


Brown is a calm and confident color that indicates stability, maturity and common sense. It is earthy and inspires stone, sand and wood. Brown also stands for protection and supporting the family or organization. It is a dominant color of heritage buildings.

BROWN Colors


Red is a bold and dynamic color, known for its association with love, passion, energy, luck, celebration, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. It infuses a burst of energy and vitality wherever it’s found. Additionally, red possesses the remarkable ability to command attention, effortlessly stealing the spotlight from other colors.

RED Colors


Blue is the color of peace, trust, and truth, reminiscent of the open sky and vast sea in nature. It also evokes feelings of creativity, intelligence, and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for reducing stress. Blues are cool, comfortable, versatile, and generally looks good in almost any shade. Furthermore, blue is widely favoured as the most popular interior color in the West.

BLUE Colors


Violet and purple inspire feelings of drama, nobility, creativity, and mystery. Light purples are particularly favoured among Gen-Z girls for their delicate allure. Violet symbolizes and union of body and soul and it often associated with promoting meditation. However, it’s worth noting that excessive exposure to violet can induce feelings of nervousness in some individuals.