Color Inspiration

1. Orange

Orange is the color of youth. It radiates warmth, joy and curiosity. A darker or richer orange may be associated with fall. Orange increases the oxygen supply to brain and provides emotional strength in our hard times.


2. Pink

Pink is sweet, innocent, feminine and romantic. It represents caring, compassion and unconditional love. It is a positive color and can have a calming effect on our nerves. The pink color can also quietly take you back to your childhood memories.

PINK Colors

3. Yellow

Yellow is the happiest color. It is cheerful and energetic. Yellow is the color of autumn leaves. In Myanmar, it is the color of summer mood and harvest season. Yellow is also related to learning, imagination and wisdom. It is also the best color for kids.


4. Green

Green is the color of nature. The shades of green are colors of monsoon, rainforests, meadows and paddy fields. It is a relaxing color and pleasing to our eyes. It also promotes loves of the environment.

GREEN Colors

5. Grey

Grey is quiet and reserved. Actually, it is an unemotional color because it is solid, stable and conventional. Grey has a stabilizing effect on other colors it comes in contact with.

GREY Colors


Brown is a calm and confident color that indicates stability, maturity and common sense. It is earthy and inspires stone, sand and wood. Brown also stands for protection and supporting the family or organization. It is a dominant color of heritage buildings.

BROWN Colors


Red is a strong and activating color. It is associated with love, passion, energy, luck, celebration, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It gives a kick of energy you need. Red is good at stealing attention from other colors.

RED Colors


Blue is the color of peace, trust and truth. In nature, it is the open sky and high sea. Blue also radiates creativity, intelligence and reduces stress. Blues are cool, comfortable and generally looks good in almost any shade. It is also the most popular interior color in the West.

BLUE Colors


Violet and purple are drama, nobility, creativity and mystery. Light purples are popular among teenage girls. Violet also symbolizes union of body and soul. It promotes meditation. Note that too much of it can create nervousness for some people.